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In a world caught in the whirlwind of digital transformation, staying ahead can feel like an insurmountable challenge. Creative hurdles abound—whether it's launching a new website, developing the next hit video game, or producing a captivating short film. But you don't have to face them alone. We provide the creative solutions you need to tackle your creative problems.
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Why Us?

We provide expertise across disciplines.
Here's a few

3D Art

Genghis Khan

In this project, as part of our larger Museum project, we created Genghis Khan as we imagine he might have felt. In this project, we used a large variety of tools, including Marvelous Designer for the clothes, XGen for hair and fur, Substance Painter for all textures, Metahuman (generated from a custom sculpt) for the skin rendering and rigging, and Unreal Engine for composition and rendering. This project exemplifies our expertise across software, and our ability to see a project through from start to finish. We created Genghis based on anatomical reference of his portraits, and we dressed him in a deel (robe) based on contemporary references.

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York Helmet

In this project, we undertook the process of recreating a historical helmet found buried under Viking occupied York. Based on reference images, our job was to recreate the Helmet and restore it to its original glory. We carefully researched helmets of the age and combined it with our creative expertise to choose an eye-catching design, that makes the wearer stand out. Our involvement in this project not only facilitated the visual fidelity achieved in the final result, but also shaped the creative, historical, and gripping design of the recreation.

Web Design & Development

Voices Of Affinity

Voices Of Affinity is a student-led, student-run, student-oriented organization that publishes student stories. 

We handled the design, development, and production of this site, and utilized Airtable and (formerly Integromat) to create a publishing system which allows updating of live items directly to the site.

Our involvement was critical to the unique feel and style of the website, and its continued success in publication as our infrastructure enables publication for the client. We are committed to its success and continue to upkeep and update our infrastructure to foster the success of Voices Of Affinity.

Telelabs Demo

We were asked to create an interactive, pseudo three-dimensional website prototype for a crypto driven company.

We handled the development of this demo. The hexagonal rotation was the focal point of this demo, providing a three-dimensional complex feel to the site.

Our involvement enabled the clean look and feel of the website, and thought provoking element which crypto-based websites require.

Note: we do not own the design of website

The Alace Group

And of course, this very website! No deceptive, externally-made website to highlight our development capabilities--everything you've seen here is designed and developed by us!

Virtual Production


Utilizing Megascan assets and Unreal Engine's Metahumans, we created a scene of a man, who we named Ike, sat serenely in a field. This project is meant to allow the viewer to take a deep breath, relax, and re-focus. They look on and feel Ike's calm, experience the same passage of time which Ike does--Our involvement in this project is critical to the emotion which it invokes. We carefully chose, assembled, and tweaked all components so that they would come together as an experience, beyond just a render.

Medieval House

Utilizing Megascan assets, we created a medieval, European-style house environment. We took intricate care to understand the functions of a medieval house, and even greater care to ensure it was pleasant aesthetically. It is a fully decorated exterior with a fully decorable interior. It is a perfect environment for a medieval family, lair, or refuge. We, too, decorated the outside to make the aesthetic beauty of the environment. The house is placed amidst rolling hills, and the render recreates a cloudy mid-day environment.

Video Game Modding

Outfit Manager

Our lead developer came together with two other modders in order to create a better system for modding the game Jedi: Survivor. He initiated the project because he felt that the traditional system of modding could be improved. Together, the team created a system that allowed the dynamic changing of outfits from modders in-game, including support for modular pieces, alongside general features such as changing lightsaber and hair color. The Outfit Manager revolutionized the modding world. It represents the innovating spirit found at Alace, and the desire and skill to create systems where we find there can be improvement. To date, the Outfit Manager has 60,000+ downloads.

Video Showcase

Misc. Modding Projects

Over the years, we have worked on various modding projects for various creators. We have contributed to series and YouTube videos that have gathered millions of views. Click below to view just a few.

And that was only a preview. We're excited to use our expertise to power your vision. When you work with us, you receive world-class:

Project Management
We manage your projects in an organized, readable way that allows maximum efficiency for us to iterate, and you to navigate. Say goodbye to the days when you hire an agency who traps you by returning a mess that makes sense to only them--you are hiring us to create excellent quality solutions, not hand you back a product you can't make sense of.

Creative Direction
Here at Alace, we understand the importance of the integrity of your vision. You don't want to hire a company who doesn't know how to properly receive your feedback and input. We wouldn't either. We understand the importance of your creative input, as it is your input and vision that has breathed a soul into your project--our job is to help you bring it to life.

Last but not least, Alace provides world-class quality. A perfectly managed product is worth nothing if it doesn't meet industry standards. Alace projects exceed industry standards. Our quality is guaranteed. At the end of the day, what matters most about your product isn't how its made, but what the result is. Fortunately for you, you've found a company who guarantees excellence each step of the way.

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